Easy Sub Lesson Plans


We all know the old teacher truism: It’s more work to have a sub…and it WAS–for me anyway–until this year.  This year I have stopped addressing the whole class in an effort to be more student-centered.  This has forced me to write out and post all of my instuction daily.  I had to wean them off of teacher dependence.  But, once this happened students come in and immediately get started on the daily agenda.  If they need clarification, they ask a neighbor–or me (I’m circulating throughout the period).  This makes for a more effecient use of time.  Plus, I never miss a day of productivity when I need a sub.  In fact, sub plans are no different that normal lesson plans.  Furthermore, If I am no longer the sole distributer of information I don’t harm my students with my absence.  It’s now truly pleasant to have a sub.

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